Save Minsthorpe Pool

  Minsthorpe Pool Action Group (MPAG)


Who are we?

Minsthorpe Pool Action Group (MPAG)

We are all local residents who care deeply about the closure of Minsthorpe Pool and the subsequent effects that it will have on our community.

We have been set up as an unincorporated association with a formal constitution that outlines our aims and objectives:

To raise awareness across the communities about the closing of Minsthorpe Pool and put pressure on Wakefield Metropolitan District Council (WMDC) to reopen this vital facility for the benefit of the South East of Wakefield. This will be achieved by;

  • Building a viable case for its reopening
  • Researching and presenting the gap in provision due to its closure
  • Be a voice on behalf of the local community, stakeholders and interested community groups
  • Attend Council meetings where appropriate to do so
  • Delegate fact finding tasks to members to compile supportive data of Minsthorpe Pool's contribution in the area
  • Use available data and statistics to bolster the need for Minsthorpe Pool
  • Using social media and traditional forms of communication to keep the community informed of updates
  • Gather support from interested parties to contribute to the groups aims.

We are not aiming to gain publicity as individuals or take credit as a group for any decisions that are made. We are also want to work with our local councillors and WMDC to achieve the best result for the residents of the south east.

Elaine Dawson (Chair), Andrew Picken (Vice Chair), Jonny Treacy (Treasurer), Bev Unwin, David Fitzgerald, Janet Brown, Jessica Smart

Join us...

We meet regularly as a group and if you would like to become involved with MPAG please use our form or email

Support us...

All of our time is given freely, all of our donations are used towards material to support our campaigns.